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Volume 12 • Number 1

February 2015

  Editor's Message

FORUM: The Military in World History

  Introduction to the Forum on the Military in World History
  Guest Editor: Douglas Streusand
  Command of the Coast: The Mughal Navy and Regional Strategy
  by Andrew De La Garza
  The Falsest of Truisms: Who Writes History
  by Richard L. DiNardo
  The Transformational War: A New Understanding of the Ottoman Empire's Long World War I
  by James N. Tallon
  The Chinggis Exchange: the Mongol Empire and Global Impact on Warfare
  by Timothy May
  Currents of Transatlantic Warfare: The European Revolutions and Martial Culture in Mexico, 1848-1867
  by E. Mark Moreno


  Beyond the Scramble: African Veterans, the Second World War and Decolonization in the World History Classroom
  by Sharika Crawford
  Ethnography meets History: The Personal Interview as a "Doing World History" Pedagogy, with Four Model Student Papers
  by Howard Spodek
  The Military and War in World History: A Digital Resource, Part I to 1450
  by John Maunu

Book Reviews

  Brian Thomas Swimme and Mary Evelyn Tucker, Journey of the Universe
Roger R. Briggs, Journey to Civilization: The Science of How We Got Here
  by Terry D. Goddard
  Partha Mitter, Much Maligned Monsters: A History of European Reactions to Indian Art
  by Bethe Hagens
  Stephen Morillo, Frameworks of World History: Networks, Hierarchies, Culture
  by Aiqun Hu
  Caroline Elkins and Susan Peterson (eds.) Settler Colonialism in the Twentieth Century
Christopher Lloyd, Jacob Metzer, and Richard Sutch (eds.), Settler Economies in World History
Lionel Pilkington and Fiona Bateman (eds.) Studies in Settler Colonialism: Politics, Identity, and Culture
  by Tom Laichas
  Mary Jo Maynes and Ann Waltner. 2012. The Family: A World History
  by Farid Pazhoohi
  Books available for review


E. Mark Moreno E. Mark Moreno
Sharika Crawford Sharika Crawford
Bethe Hagens Bethe Hagens
Jerry H. Bentley Dedicated to Jerry H. Bentley

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