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Volume 11 • Number 2

June 2014

  Editor's Message  

FORUM: Teaching The World Since 1945

  Introduction to the Forum on Teaching The World Since 1945: An Alternative to the Standard World History Survey?  
  Heather Streets-Salter  
  Structuring "The World Since 1945": Chronology, Region, or Theme?  
  by Malcolm Purinton  
  Teaching Gender in The World Since 1945: Tools and Resources  
  by Samantha Christiansen  
  Inter-disciplinary Approaches to World History: Using A Jirga to Teach the History of Afghanistan  
  by James Bradford  
  The Jirga Class Exercise: A Thousand Splendid Suns  
  by James Bradford  
  Sample Syllabus: History 2211, World History Since 1945  
  by Heather Streets-Salter  


  Why Can't We Just Look it Up? Using Concept Formation Lessons to Teach Global Connections and Local Cases in World History  
  by Lauren McArthur Harris and Tamara L. Shreiner  
  Ignorance Is Bliss: Why Unlearning History is So Hard, and So Important  
  by Eva-Maria Swidler  
  Incorporating More of the World into World History Textbooks: A Review of High School World History Texts  
  by Jane Bolgatz and Michael Marino  

Book Reviews

  Nile Green, Sufism: A Global History  
  by Serge Avery  
  Lincoln Paine, The Sea and Civilization: A Maritime History of the World  
  by William M. Fowler, Jr.  
  William Worger, Nancy Clark, and Edward Alpers, eds., Africa and the West: A Documentary History, 2nd edition, Volumes 1 and 2.  
  by Michael McInneshin  
  Aran MacKinnon and Elaine McClarnand MacKinnon, Places of Encounter: Time, Place and Connectivity in World History, Volumes I and II  
  by Timothy Nicholson  
  Sean McMeekin, The Russian Origins of the First World War  
  by David L. Ruffley  
  Paul K. Davis, Masters of the Battlefield: Great Commanders from the Classical Age to the Napoleonic Era  
  by Chris Thomas  
  William D. Carrigan and Christopher Waldrep, Swift to Wrath: Lynching in Global Historical Perspective  
  by Tom Williams  
  Books available for review  


James Bradford James Bradford
Malcolm Purinton Malcolm Purinton
Lauren McArthur Harris and Tamara L. Shreiner Lauren McArthur Harris and Tamara L. Shreiner
William M. Fowler, Jr. William M. Fowler, Jr.
Jerry H. Bentley Dedicated to Jerry H. Bentley

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